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We understand that one shoe doesn’t fit all. In the world of digital media and design, the possibilities are endless.  The gambit of ‘cool things’ you should/could do, goes on for infinity.  Our approach is to outfit you with the digital strategy that best suits your road  map and comes with a 1 – 2 punch … Continue Reading


Twitter Wale and Matt Devlin: how the tiff unfolds

Though Devlin and Wale are downplaying the event, nearby fan photos, video and commentary tell us otherwise.


The Financial Benefit of the Internet Business Sector on the American GDP

According to a recently published report from the IAB, the Internet community and its impact to the American financial industry, is not to be sneezed upon.

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Hotmail Still On Top….?….

Apparently, according to comScore, Hotmail is more popular in Europe than Gmail.


Google+ Engagement Pales in Comparison to Twitter 33 to 1


…but as time went on, the luster of Google+ faded for many of us and only a handful of the + diehards still post to the platform today.


The Strength of the Blogging Community


So, in support of our fellow bloggers, we’ve embedded an infographic from Blogging.org, showcasing the strength of the blogging community in the US


[UPDATE] Top Smartphone Platforms


Most recent numbers from comScore show that June’s smartphone market share report, qualifies as a good milestone and one for us to document here.


Fortune 100 Companies Slow to Move Socially


in a recent Burson-Marsteller report, where the Fortune Global 100 companies were asked about their social media strategies, the responses showed slower than expected adoption.

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Post Purchase Service Is More Important Than You Can Imagine


Just because we have a non-personal mode of transaction (‘submit your credit card number’), it doesn’t mean that I expect less in the post-purchase service department.

Online Shopping Future

Online Shopping Must Do’s For Retailers and Brands


With digital storefronts, FCommerce, truly understanding where your Web site lays in your target demographic’s purchase cycle, is invaluable.


Where the World’s Tweets Come From…


It seems the folks at Oxford have done a bit of analysis showing where the worlds Tweets come from.

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