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Real Estate Marketing

Using Data To Determine Your Next Marketing Move

When looking for clever ways to market yourself, you often find success when stepping out of the realm of the norm. This could be building partnerships with those you normally would never, or participating in a community that may not seem a direct fit

Walt Disney and Mickey

The Importance of a Brand Manifesto

Put to paper, through the use of text or visual story boards, what your brand represents, how it sounds and how you want it to make others feel – this, we call the Brand Manifesto.

YouTube Birthday

YouTube Turns 6 and Celebrates 3 Billion Views Per Day!

It seems only fitting as it’s YouTube’s 6th birthday, to post an infographic showing where they’ve come from and of course what they’ve become

iPhone Home Screen

Millennial Mobile Device Usage Stats

As marketers get smarter in delivering their brand messages, across various mediums, the art of demographic based marketing has become more important than ever.

copywriter chart

Not Everyone Can Produce Good Copy, But Everyone Needs Good Copy


Not everyone can produce good online copy, but everyone needs good copy. When building a kick-ass web product there are a few key positions that need to be filled to ensure success, UI, design, developers, search experts, content strategists, and copy writers.

Location Based Services Gowalla and Foursquare

Despite Naysayers, I Still Encourage Location Based Services for Businesses


Fast Company that says they’ve seen Applied Predictive Technologies data and the revenue lift seen by business owners, participating in location based services, amounts to only 2%.

Expedia Friend Trip

Expedia Friend Trip Shuns Mobile iOS


Today’s blog post is a little different than I had originally intended. First, it was going to be a positive about how Expedia led me to spend 15 minutes taking part in a contest via Facebook, but as my contest experience continues, it worsens.


The Facts About LinkedIn Told Through An Infographic


LinkedIn, to me, is that social network that never dies. (In 2007, I announced on Twitter that I thought LinkedIn was doomed – I am not afraid to admit it and I think many others agreed with me then).


Tupperware Steps Up Social Media But With Some Strategy Hiccups


We support businesses taking the leap into digital and social media, but we do caution them to review their strategies closely, before embarking on their first public display of digital socialness’.

small business

Microsoft Focuses on Small Business with Site Re-Design


A few weeks ago we posted a piece about the importance of the small to medium sized business sector and their positioning in marketing. Some agency relations that we have thought the piece was only partially accurate, as they still see no need to create a SMB division

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