As we continue to talk about the importance of mobile and our mobile strategies as marketers, the thing that still holds true in this area is how much we have yet to do.  How much our current mobile products, many of them, think of function alone without the customer buying or information consumption cycle.  With all of this being said, a recent infographic from the folks at Microsoft Tag still shows that mobile monetization has historically shown year over year growth, even with our majority toe in the water approach to mobile.  The folks at Microsoft Tag go on further to provide insight on forecasts through to 2013, but we find those estimates to still be conservative, as the brand or products currently monetizing mobile represent a small percentage.  When mobile will truly start to realize its due worth is when major content producers, media companies, figure out the winning combination between providing great content services that align with user expectations, and monetization.  The challenge here, however, is that often times these large content producers look to monetize the wrong things and at the wrong time, therefore rushing to a strategy that may not be well thought out.

Nonetheless, the infographic also calls to light some other interesting points:
  • By 2013 mobile represent 2.3 billion of the annual advertising spend
  • There are an estimated 1,000,000 new Android and iOS devices activated everyday
  • The average number of apps. on a smart phone device is 65
  • Mobile today is still the unrecognized ad play, falling behind newspapers
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