Need proof that we are becoming more mobile entrenched than ever before? comScores mobile usage report describes mobile social activity growth spurts, as indepthly impressive.  Ahead of the pack in mobile usage is Twitter, showing a growth of 75% when compared to last year, and this makes sense, if you liken it to your day to day mobile usage.  Who doesn’t run into  a situation, everyday, that requires  a 140 character sharable anecdote??   Second to Twitter is LinkedIn and if you recall some of LinkedIn’s feature set changes in late spring/early summer, the usage and engagement levels make sense.

In addition to looking at network usage via mobile, comScore also broke down the type of activities users were engaging in, while on their mobile phones

  • The most popular activities for mobile users were reading posts from friends (80%) and posting status updates (70%).
  • More mobile users read posts from brands about their events (53%) than they do those from celebrities (45%)
  • 28% clicked on an ad.
  • About a third of all mobile users received a coupon or offer.

Mobile AccessYou can get the full comScore article here.