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Twitter and Japan

Why the Mixi Twitter Relationship is Bigger Than we Think

The Mixi Twitter arrangement that broke via press conference late last week was overlooked by many, but deeper analysis of what this means to Twitter, or what it would have meant to any western company, is quite immense.

Olla Condoms

Facebook Used as a Conduit for Birth Control

Brazilian condom maker, Olla, launched a Facebook campaign entitled, ‘Unexpected Babies’, with the hope of not only gaining mind-share for their product, but to also

Aflac Holiday Program For Cancer Research 2011

Aflac’s 2011 Social Holiday Duck Program in Support of Cancer Research Still Going Strong

This morning those of us on Twitter were greeted with requests to retweet messages from the Aflac duck, to in-turn get Aflac to donate $1 to the Aflac Cancer Center

Facebook Like

The Dollar Value of a Facebook Fan

However, aside from our step by step blueprint on calculating social ROI, many have produced a simple value for Facebook fans, which by far makes doing the math a lot easier, but not always as exact.


Statistics: 2012 Online Sales Forecast


The Borrell and Associates Local Online Advertising Forecast report is out and some of their projections show that there are media streams growing faster than expected.

Toyota Campaign

Toyota Bridges Offline and Online Worlds in their Latest FT-86 II Campaign


Toyota is branding this campaign as ‘the fastest painted Web site’, the reason being is that they commissioned a few artists and had them paint the Toyota Web site, onto a Tokyo city-centre wall.

Jeff Jarvis

Jeff Jarvis at Toronto’s Third Tuesday – Introducing Public Parts


Last nights, Third Tuesday event, on a Thursday mind you, in Toronto, was one I could not miss. The nights speaker was Jeff Jarvis, someone I admire


Age Old Question Still Lives: how to digitize your editorial newsroom…


Today, for example, I came across an article that was addressing a Detroit newspaper groups Managing Editor’s trials and tribulations, as she tries to move her editorial staff through to incorporate digital reporting, in their story suite.

Facebook Likes

The Difference in Impact Between a Like and a Comment on your Facebook Post


The group EdgeRank Checker has released their data sets, showing how the two differ in impact and it turns out that a comment on a Facebook post is far more valuable than a like .

Webinar NFP

Recording Available: Not-for-Profits & the Successful Social Campaign


In this webinar we walk through the recipe of a successful social media campaign for a nonprofit, as well as samples of past notable campaigns.

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