We understand that one shoe doesn’t fit all.

In the world of digital media and design, the possibilities are endless.  The gambit of ‘cool things’ you should/could do, goes on for infinity.  Our approach is to outfit you with the digital strategy that best suits your road  map and comes with a 1 – 2 punch for the greatest sustainable gain.  Oh yeah … we’ll build in phases for the other ‘cool things’ that weren’t an immediate ‘must have’, but we’ll do it together.

We make it our business to know your business.

We do a heck of a lot of research into your market, industry vertical and competition, to set the stage for the next step in your digital strategy and measuring analytics and brand sentiment. Your digital strategy will include things like; content strategy, social media, design, crowd-sourcing, asset integration, SEO, etc….

We get fulfillment out of empowerment!

Our ad-ition team also comes with a skill set suited to training and support.  Once we build a digital strategy for our clients and complete implementation, we work together to identify the areas that can be controlled and managed by you.  But hey … if world domination isn’t on your radar today … we’ll still be glad to do it all for you, post implementation.

….I know we promised only three reasons, but hey….

We love stats!

Oh heck, who are we kidding, we really love anything that measures performance.


ad-ition Digital Media Strategy Framework



Gain a deep understanding of your industry, product vertical, and market readiness, as it relates to digital media.  Meet with stakeholders to shape the foundation of a digital strategy that is easily accepted and can be easily communicated, both externally and internally.


What your competitors are doing well, accompanied by what they are not doing so well. This will help  shape the digital opportunity for your brand or product and accompanies the market readiness research.

Target Demographic

Determining the target audience that will give your product the greatest amount of band and product loyalists, through listening and creating bench marking dashboards that highlight the current realities.  This stage helps to lay the foundation of your businesses digital market approach.


What does success look like to you? We’ll create a list of performance gauges that make up your success quotient. These then become the basis for your operational dashboard.



This determines how your brand or product will be presented on all digital assets, including social networks, blogs, and your related Web site. The content is framed in such a way that it relates to your primary, secondary and tertiary target demographic, with weighting applied
in that order. Our content strategy also speaks to your
SEO strategy, and aids in determining rich keywords,
link exchange programs and press release roadmaps.


Provides a rule book for branding consistency across all of your digital assets.

Media Assets

We look at your target demographic and where they play the most on the digital stratosphere and use these findings to guide our choices for the digital assets we’ll focus on the most. Digital assets include, social networks, blogs, rich media, mobile, and digital partnerships.


We’ll determine which tools will aid in maintaining the elements in your strategy and provide the greatest ease in content creation, syndication, and maintenance. These tools will also aid us in measurement and the upkeep of your success quotient dashboard.



If you measure it, it moves. Based on your success quotient, we’ll build a project dashboard that measures all of your implemented strategic elements. The timely and regularly updated dashboards, will help in determining the next steps of your digital strategy.


We want to engage, with you and your customers. With you, we’ll discuss project successes and opportunities, which we’ll gather from the collected data points and analytics and through digital and social conversations with your customers and brand loyalists.


We will assess all data collected post implementation and suggest tweaks and new ideas to springboard your digital strategy to the next level.